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Level up Your life

Reconnect With Your Inner Radiance

A balance of conscious stillness and energizing exchange awaits you . Space for retreat, as well as joy in the community. Let go and invite something new. 

More confidence

Imagine that you can create a balance between this acknowledgment of what is and living out your creative power.

Discover yourself

Imagine a life where you are at peace with all your thoughts and emotions, without feeling like you need to change anything.


I'm Sindy Welcome ...

As a trained holistic coach  and above all as a Soul Sister, today I mainly support women with their questions and challenges in life. I offer help for self-help because I believe that every person already has all the answers within themselves.

I myself have also gotten outside support numerous times in my life and continue to do so in the form of coaching and workshops. There are now countless techniques and wonderful people who can help us to grow and heal us on all levels. We don’t have to do it all alone and can seek help! 

Get out of the head circus - into your life force!

My offers for you

Let’s find out together what you need and how I can help you with it. We all know how tough it is to stay on track when life gets stressful. But with the right mindset and a little help, you can overcome any challenge. That’s where our coaching comes in. We’ll work with you to develop the strength and resilience you need to succeed, no matter what life throws your way.

Introductory talk

Do you have any questions about the offer or are you currently facing a challenge? Then let’s find out together how I can support you and which offer is right for you.

1:1 Coaching

Outer strength begins with inner clarity. In my coaching program, we first work on your inner balance, find out what kind of life you want and then work on how you can design your own work and life model.


Then you are exactly right here. Although my workshops are online, they offer you targeted support with lots of liveliness and action, without any boredom.

Your registration is a gift to yourself

I hereby invite you from the bottom of my heart to dare a fresh start in this special year-end retreat. To you! Because every end is also a beginning and every beginning has a magic in it.


Develop a positive MINDSET and discover your true potential. Through optimistic and friendly thoughts you create your strongest self and develop a new self-image. The goal: You feel connected to yourself and lead a fulfilling life full of clarity and calm.

No stress at the end of the year. Pure joy.

Give yourself this space for yourself and create YOUR dream life now!

No chasing and ticking off to-dos until the last day.

Your self of tomorrow will thank you for all the energy you invest in yourself today. 

deceleration. self care. Make space.

With an open, courageous heart you go ahead on your soul path – your own vision right in front of your eyes.  

Get ready for a journey into yourself.

Learn  to create your desired life from your heart instead of your head. Because everything you have experienced this year – everything you want to leave behind –

You will feel the healing energy of a trusting community of women.

We will hold each other, cheer, encourage and comfort each other. We laugh and cry, dance and sing, let go of the heavy and invite new things into our lives.

Build Inner Balance

Yin and yang, light and dark, masculinity and femininity. We integrate the dual qualities within us to live our full potential from the center.

Get ready for a journey into yourself.

Open your heart, acknowledge, understand and let go. In tune with your soul, you will begin to create your desired life and live your full potential. Above all, have fun and be part of a wonderful community.

Liberated, full of confidence and energy you will end the old year and consciously welcome the new one. 

This retreat is right for you if...

 … you want space to consciously end the year in a special way 

… you feel a longing for change and want to invite something new into your life

…you are tired of repeating the same themes in different variations

…you want to live your truth more again, open your heart to the messages of your soul

…you want a safe space of trust where you can be yourself

…if you just want to take a deep breath and take time and space for yourself


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